How to Integrate the Genesis eNews Extended Plugin on Your WordPress site

Recently I was working on a WordPress site running on Genesis and a StudioPress child theme and I wanted to integrate a MailChimp email marketing list to the site.  At first glance it seems easy but there are a few tricks that I want to share to help you get it right the first time.  Now I’ve written about integrating and customizing MailChimp before but this tutorial will show you a different way with a different plugin and it is easier in the long run then custom coding a form and dropping it into your site.  The first thing you will need to do is to download the Genesis eNews Extended plugin for your website and install it.

STEP 1: Once you’ve done that you are going to go to Appearance | Widgets to add the Genesis – eNews Extended widget to your site similar to what you see below

eNews plugin-01STEP 2: Next, you are going to fill in the “Title”, “Text To Show Before Form” and “Text To Show After Form” fields with the wording you want to use on your form.  Now comes the trickier part, you are going to need to login into MailChimp and either create a new email marketing list (if you don’t already have one) or use the existing email marketing list.  Next, click on the “Signup forms” and select the “Embedded forms” option.

eNews Widget 03

STEP 3: Once you’ve done that look for the code version of the form and copy it to open in a word doc or text editor.

eNews Widget 04

STEP 4: You will be looking for a few attributes to add to your widget back in your WordPress site including the form action URL and the names of the fields you want to use on your form.

eNews Widget 05


STEP 5: What you will end up doing is adding an “http:” to the form action when you add it to the widget and the names of the fields you want the form to use similar to what I am showing you below…

eNews Plugin 02

Then the only thing left to do is to test it and save it and you should be ready to start receiving subscribers to your site.  The reason why I put together this tutorial is that there are a lot of partial resources out there but not one of them covers all the right points to get a working form using the Genesis eNews Extended Plugin so I hope you find it handy and useful.

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