How to Mass Delete Spam in WordPress

WordPressIf there is one thing that I hate more than spam its spam in WordPress.  Sure Viagra ads and computer toner ads are wonderful but man can they clog up your comments section with garbage.  Normally when you go to the comments section on your WordPress site you’ll notice other than the spam sitting there the fact that you can delete or moderate 20 comments at a time.  Now this might be useful if you have 20 comments to moderate but when you are looking at a few thousand comments this simply won’t do the job for you.

WordPress_Mass Delete of Spam

What you will notice at the top of the page is a tab called “Screen Options” and when you click on it you are given the option to change the number of comments you will see at one time.  You’ve you’ve set the number of comments you want to see click the “Apply” button last similar to what you see below.

WordPress_Mass Delete of Spam_02

From there you can bulk apply actions to the comments on your WordPress site.  What I noticed in testing is that you can have a maximum of 999 comments on the comments page which will increase page load times but it gives you a decent option to delete or update a large number of comments at once.  Keep in mind that the higher the comments displayed on a page it may not work as quickly or at all.  I’ve personally used 150 comments per page that that seems to work pretty well when mass deleting.

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