How to Poll on WordPress Sites Using Yop Poll


Recently I’ve been working on a number of eBook products and I’ve wanted to use some sort of polling to understand pricing.  Now I could just send a simple email about this to folks and ask them but that’s a little intrusive and besides I want to poll the average guy or girl coming to the site so that I can get feedback.  This started me on a search for a polling plugin and eventually lead me to Yop Poll a terrific little plugin for people to design, implement and review polling feedback from people.

Its deadly easy to install really but where you can mess around is really in the configuration of the tool which allows for everything from CAPTCHA to blocking users with cookies and IP restrictions and much much more.  It was designed for use on WordPress and its a free plugin however if you really like it then you can donate to the creators.  Let’s have a look at how you can setup a poll and add it to a post on your WordPress site now.

Once you’ve installed the plugin you’ll need to look for the Yop Poll icon in the left side navigation on the back-end of your WordPress site so go and do that first.  Once you’ve found it, click on it and you’ll be taken to a screen like this…

WordPress Yop Poll Settings

Clicking on the “Add New” button will take you to the template to create your own new poll for your WordPress site and it will look something like this…

Setting up a poll in Yop Poll


As you can see you can set the poll question and the various answers for your poll and as you scroll down the settings will get more and more advanced.  The last thing that you need is add the poll to the page or post that you want it to appear on in your WordPress site and to do that you will need to first go to the post that you want to add the poll to and look for the “Insert Poll” button which will look like this…

Inserting a poll into a WordPress page or post

Once you figure out where you want to put the poll simply click save on the page or post you’ve added it to and you’re done.  What I like about this plugin is that you can change the the style of the poll with themes and insert the polls where you want to without a lot of coding or customizations needed.  Click here to check it out and download it today!


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