How to Remove Connections from LinkedIn

Sometimes, you probably want to remove someone you might have previously accepted as a LinkedIn connection.  Am I right?  But where do you go and how do you do it?  Well today is your lucky day my friend because its time to see just how easy it is to remove connections on LinkedIn.  Now the networking folks out there might cringe when I say this but the truth is that there are valid reasons to remove people from social networking sites like LinkedIn, including…

  1. The person spams me a lot with job postings and other possibly useless information
  2. I just don’t like the person, so why am I friends with them?
  3. I never talk to this person so I don’t see the value of our relationship (I’m just not that into you)

Whatever your reasons might be I am sure we’ve all got at least one person we’ve thought about removing so let’s see just how easy it is to do this in a couple of steps

Step 1: Go to Contacts | Connections on the top menu bar when you are logged into your LinkedIn Account

Step 2: Click on the “Remove Connections” link which will bring up the following screen view in LinkedIn


Step 3: Simply use the search for the person or people you want to remove from your LinkedIn profile and select the corresponding check boxes next to their names and click the “Remove Connections” button.

After you do this the connections you’ve removed will not receive any notification that you removed them, they simply won’t be able to see your private profile settings when looking for you on LinkedIn and they won’t see you as one of their connections anymore.

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