How to Restrict Access to Events You Create on Facebook

When you create an event on Facebook whether its for a friend’s birthday party, your house party or any other type of party its important not only to get the information you are posting correct but also controlling who can see it.  Otherwise, you could run the rise of inviting people you didn’t even anticipate.  Today I am going to show you how to limit access to who can see your event if its a private event that you only want specific people to see and also discuss the other options for those of you who don’t mind a few extra people at your next event.

How to setup Facebook event privacyAs you can see, when we go to create our event in Facebook besides the standard fields like details, name, where and when you can set privacy to either…

Public – meaning that anyone on Facebook and see your event and join it.  This is definitely dangerous option so be careful if you choose this option and don’t be surprised if people you’ve never met end up showing up at your event.

Friends of Guests – meaning that anyone who is a friend of your invited guests can see and join your event  This option can be dangerous if you are really planning a more private get together but if that is not the case your next Facebook promoted party could turn into quite an event!

Invite Only – meaning that only the people you invite will see the event and be able to join it.  This option is definitely useful if you’ve ever wanted to plan a private event like a birthday, dinner party, etc.

Regardless of what option you choose I hope the next event you plan using Facebook doesn’t come with any surprise guests unless of course that is what you want.

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