How to Schedule Your Facebook Page Posts

Scheduling your Facebook page posts is one of the really nice developments that Facebook pages have going for them.  Who wants to manage their company’s social media profile by having to log into Facebook every time they want to post something on their Facebook page?  Not me!  That would be too painful and unnecessary.

I want to show you three ways that you can schedule Facebook page posts whether you are on your laptop, using a mobile device like a tablet or smart phone or a third-party application like HootSuite.

Scheduling Facebook posts using the Pages Manager App

pages manager iconThis is for those of you using an iPad, like myself that want to schedule their Facebook page posts.  Facebook has a Pages Manager app that you can download to manage your Facebook pages so if you haven’t ever downloaded this and want to manage Facebook pages then you will need to get this first.  Once you do simply log into the app and go to post an update on your Facebook page.  When you are on this screen you’ll notice a clock icon on the button left hand side of the pop up, click it and you can schedule the time your post will appear.

How to schedule your Facebook post in the Pages Manager app

The interesting things about doing this are that it will start a countdown until the post goes live however it isn’t possible to go back and edit a scheduled post (or delete it) which I didn’t like so much personally speaking.

Natively through your web browser

The most common way to schedule Facebook posts is log into your Facebook account go to your Facebook page, look for the clock icon again and schedule your posts this way however you will need to tell Facebook when your page started as a

How to schedule Facebook posts natively in your web browser

From here you won’t be asked to do this step above again.  Next simply create a post for your Facebook page and click on the clock icon and set the year, month, day, hour and minutes that you want to schedule your post to appear on your Facebook page and click the “Schedule” button.

Scheduling a Facebook Post

Seeing your scheduled Facebook posts is fairly easy to do.  If you are in your web browser then go to your page’s activity log to see what is scheduled.  You’ll notice that you have the option to change the time the scheduled post is released, delete the post all together or publish it now.  This is what I like more about doing this through the web browser compared to the Pages Manager app so keep this in mind when you start to edit, schedule and manage your Facebook page’s posts.

Scheduling post Facebook posts using third-party tools

Naturally there are a number of third-party tools but I wanted to focus on one that I’ve used before, HootSuite.  For those of you that might be unfamiliar with it please read the post I did on it which walks you through how to schedule your posts in Facebook and other social media platforms today.  The benefit of using a third-party tools like HootSuite is that you have the ability to control content, post delivery and scheduling across different social media channels.

In the end, depending on how you choose to schedule posts on your Facebook page through an app, natively in your web browser or in a third-party tool like HootSuite each come with a learning curve all their own but if you are looking for a way to manage your Facebook page this is a pretty simple and straight forward way to do so without you needing to be there all the time.

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