How to sell on Facebook using Shopify

Shopify has been doing a lot of work to advance how people can sell using their platform.  The concept that they recently introduced is called “Sales Channels” that allows you to sell various ways in Shopify. The concept of a sales channel isn’t new but its a refreshing take on how Shopify is setup to help you sell your goods and services through various channels, Facebook being one of them.  Today a lot of businesses both online and bricks and mortar have a Facebook page and now with Shopify you can setup an ecommerce store very quickly without a lot of extra headache or expense.  Let’s have a closer look at how you can do this for your Facebook page…

Sell of FB using Shopify 01

When you are logged into your Shopify account navigate to Settings > Sales Channels and once you are there you will notice that Shopify has a number of Sales channels to choose from including Facebook.

Sell on FB using Shopify 02

Click on the “Add channel” button next which takes you to a screen where you will need to authenticate yourself by connecting to your Facebook account where you’ve created your Facebook page.  Once you’ve okayed that Facebook is allowed to share information with Shopify you will be asked to choose a Facebook page to add to your Shopify sales channel.  Once you select the Facebook page you want to sell on Facebook will have to review your shop which can take up to 24 hours but after that you should be all set to start selling your products from Shopify on your Facebook page.

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