How to Set Blog Article Reading Settings in WordPress

I just wanted to show you an option that you can use to make your blog better using WordPress.  In WordPress you can offer your RSS feeds in two formats including “Full Text” and “Summary” and it really is a personal preference as to which one you are going to choose.  If you are in WordPress use the left side navigation menu and click on “Reading” under the “Settings” section to have a look at your current settings.


As you can see on this page there are a bunch of settings around being able to read content on your WordPress website.  These settings give you the ability to choose what the front page displays, set the number of posts to appear on your blog or syndication feeds as you can see below.

Offering your blog’s RSS feed in either format has its benefits but let’s have a look at the two options.

The Full Text Format

The Full Text format shows the complete article and depending on how many articles that you have set to display will affect the usefulness of this option.  Using the full text option when you are displaying a couple of your recent blog articles is the best option because if you have a lot of articles set to display your readers will have to scroll a lot to view all the content.

The Summary Format

The Summary format on the other hand shows only a brief amount of information about the article.  Using this option can help a great deal if you want to show a lot of articles to your readers and you want to keep them coming back for more.  Let’s have a look at the summary format.

In choosing either option for your blog just consider what your blog’s readers might be most responsive and keep them coming back for more!

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