How to Setup a Different Language on a Shopify Store

Using languages can be challenging in many ecommerce platforms with some requiring you to add translations yourself and others allowing you to customize only certain aspects of your web pages and given the number of sites out there today chances are you want might not be setting up an English language website.  If that is the case I’ve got a tip for you to help make translating your Shopify site to a different language very easy and straightforward.  Shopify offers you the ability to set the default language but you have to know where to look for it and yes it is tucked away and can be hard to find.  If you have a Shopify store go to your current theme and click the “customize” button for starters.

Multiple Language in Shopify 01


Once you do that, you will be taken to the main interface where you can customize a lot of your website.  Click on the “Theme Options” menu drop down menu on the top left hand side of the screen (as seen below).  When you do, select the “Edit languages” option from this menu.

Multiple Languages in Shopify 02

When you get to the language section, the default is set to English.  From here you have the ability to edit everything from general messages for 404 page errors, the password page to being able to edit the language used in the shopping cart and various other pages on your Shopify site.  For the purposes of this article, click on the “Change theme language” button.

Multiple Languages in Shopify 03

When you do you will notice that you have the ability to select a different language which does a few things including that it allows you to set various messages on your site in your selected language.  It also does an automatic translation meaning that you don’t need to translate this yourself (if you don’t want to).  Once you save your language settings you will see your Shopify store translated in the language of your choice and see, it wasn’t that difficult.

Multiple language in Shopify 04

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