How to Setup a Shopify Facebook Store

Shopify recently released an app that you can use to add to your Facebook page and sell your products from Shopify on your Facebook page.  Selling on Facebook is really starting to take off lately as various ecommerce platforms like Shopify and ECWID release integrations with Facebook that allow you to sell socially through your Facebook page.  I wanted to show you just how easy it is to set this up in your Shopify store.

Step 1: Install the App – To do this you will need to log into your Shopify store and click on “Apps” under “Configuration” in the menu.  Search for the “Facebook Store” app and click the “Get App” button.  Doing this will start installing your Facebook store in Shopify.  It will ask to access your Facebook profile associated to the Facebook page that you run for your business.

Step 2: Setting up the Facebook Store – Now let’s get to the more interesting part and talk about how you can setup your Shopify Facebook store.  There are a number of interesting features that you can setup on your Facebook store in Shopify including Like Gating, adding Google Analytics tracking, customizing the banner and logo for your Facebook store as well as some other customizations to products shown and how they are shown.  As you can see below its very easy to setup, make changes to and update.



Like Gating

Like Gating is an interesting concept in that if you are looking to build followers to your Facebook page, Like gating makes sure that only people who like your Facebook page will be allowed to shop on your Facebook store.  This does have its benefits but if you are simply looking for a way to sell on Facebook then you might decide not to turn it on initially and focus on selling however it you are looking to build a bigger social presence like gating might help get you more followers and more sales through Facebook.



If anything, having a Shopify Facebook store simply enables you a new way to sell your goods and services socially and because the app is free it makes sense to try and test it out of you do have a Facebook page setup for your business.

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