How to Setup ecwid E-commerce Widgets for WordPress

The setup part of working with ecwid is different from other ecommerce technologies I’ve used in the past and I cannot decide whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.  When I say different I mean that is isn’t your average WordPress plugin because part of the ecwid application is hosted exclusively on their site with respect to products, categories and customer information.  The setup process involves two parts including…

  1. Installing the ecwid plugin in WordPress
  2. Creating an account with ecwid

Both parts are equally important and you need to consider this if you are seriously looking at this ecommerce solution.

Step 1: Install the ecwid plugin for WordPress on your website and activate the plugin

Step 2: Go to “ecwid shopping cart” in the “Settings” section of your WordPress site

Step 3: Create an account for free with ecwid E-commerce Widgets

Step 4: Copy the Store ID (located in the bottom right hand corner) when you log into the ecwid website shown in the following screenshot

And, then paste it into your ecwid settings in your WordPress site as shown in the following screenshot.

Step 5: Click the “Save Changes” button

Once you’ve got ecwid installed you can do a number of things on including managing your product catalogue, run promotions, keep track of your customers, manage your orders and create a number of ecommerce widgets for your website including product, bag category and category menu widgets.  One of the coolest things that you can do as a user with ecwid is that you can drag and drop products into your shopping bag when your customers shop on the website.  Ecwid e-commerce widgets is a great ecommerce component if you are looking for an ecommerce solution for your wordpress website.

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