How To Setup Google Authorship and SEO in WordPress

Google+ LogoGoogle Authorship is a relatively new concept in search engine optimization.  Lately Google has been working on a way to give more relevance to not only how people search but also giving more power to the people who create content.  By tying your website to your Google+ profile you can not only be known as the original author but you give relevance to the content you are producing for your website, business or personal persona.

What you need to setup first

What you first need to do is to setup your profile in Google+.  I must admit that before I read about this I didn’t really get the real impact of setting up a Google Plus profile and thought probably like a lot of other people, “great, one more social media profile to manage”.  However now that I know that I know that you can use Google Plus differently than other social media networks this really sparked my interest and also the fact that you can boost your search engine optimization with Google made doing this a real no brainer.

The one thing that you need to remember is to click on the “+1′s” tab in Google+ and click on the “Show this tab on your profile” check box.

Google Plus setup for google authorship

With all that said, once you’ve got a Google Plus profile setup you’ll want to fill out all of your profile in Google Plus especially the part that talks about other profiles.  Google was quite ingenious when they though this up.  Knowing that most people would probably say “Well, I don’t want to give up my Facebook profile, Twitter account and other social media outlets!”  And Google’s response became “Don’t! Instead add them to your Google Plus profile!”  With that and the other promise of SEO gold the rest is history.  As you can see below its not hard to setup at all.

Google Plus Profile Settings for SEONow that I’ve shown you what you need to do in your Google Plus profile to set this up let’s have a look and how you can add Google Authorship to your WordPress site either through a plugin or natively in WordPress if you aren’t running an SEO plugin these days.

How to Set This Up in Your WordPress Site

This option is for those of you that don’t use an SEO plugin currently on your WordPress site.  I know that some folks out there prefer to do it this way so I wanted to make sure that we started off there first.  You’ll need to log into WordPress first and go to Users | Your Profile.

Once you do this you’ll see a bunch of information about you that you’ve probably filled out in the past.  In the Google+ text area you will need to enter the link to your Google+ profile including the 21 character ID from your Google+ profile like this…

Google Plus setup in WordPressOnce you do you’ve automatically created relationship from your WordPress site to your Google Plus profile and ultimately Google.  Ultimately you’ve also added a line of very important HTML code to your site as well that tells Google who the author of the content is and uses this to rank accordingly very popular “rel” attribute to setup Google authorship.

Google Authorship HTML code

Are We There Yet?

There is one more thing that I recommend you do and that is testing to make sure that it works.  Well than you are in luck.  Google created a structured data testing tool for just that purpose.  When you enter the link of some content that you’ve authored, if its all setup correctly it should return you as the rightful owner or “author” of the content along with your snappy profile picture just like mine below.

Google Authorship - Structured Data Testing ToolYou will also notice some other verification points on this page about the content and a link back to your author’s page.  I’ve left a few resources and  links to plugins listed below for those of you that are interested in reading about Google authorship and WordPress plugins that you can use for SEO that currently support Google authorship.

WordPress Plugins that support Google Authorship

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