How to Setup Org Wide Permission Sets in Salesforce

With the Salesforce release of Winter ’13, I wanted to take a minute and highlight a feature that might help the Salesforce admins out their save time and give extra value by allowing them to administer Salesforce more easily then managing various profiles. In order to use this functionality you’ll need to navigate to the following path in Salesforce (Keep in mind that you will need the Winter ’13 release to do this)

Your Name | Setup | Manage Users | Permission Sets

Then click the “New” button

When you select the User License select “–None–

When you select “–None–” you are bypassing the user license type and saying that this permission set applies to all users in your Salesforce instance.  Where this becomes useful is in a few ways…

  1. If you normally manage a large number of custom profiles
  2. If your instance of Salesforce has a private sharing model in place

Using a combination of standard permission sets and org wide permission sets there is less and less reason to have custom profiles in Salesforce and the benefit of administering Salesforce this way will save you a lot of time, energy, frustration and money.

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