How to Setup Products in WP E-commerce

Setting up products in any ecommerce platform whether it runs on WordPress or not is a key concern for most people usually with questions of “How easy is it to use?”, “Can it handle my business needs?” and “Can I manage and make changes to it by myself?”.

I wrote in a past article about how you can import products in WP E-commerce and in this article it is my goal to talk about the finer points of how to configure products in WP E-commerce.  I work with enough different technologies on a given basis to know a good software product and WP E-commerce is a pretty solid ecommerce offering.  When it comes to products and product management they’ve nailed a lot of the core features and options of products so lets explore a few of them.

Setup Shipping on at the Product Level

As opposed to setting shipping at a category or store level what setting shipping at the product level provides is a way to manage the various options you have available.  As you can see in the following screenshot its possible to set the dimensions of your product including width, height and length, weight and local and international shipping settings.

Lastly you keeping restrict shipping on products individually.  Having this control at the product level makes it easier for those special cases where you need to setup something for specific products versus all products.

Sale Pricing and List Pricing on Products

Another useful feature when setting up products using WP E-commerce is that you can have various pricing setup at the product level including sale price, regular price, pricing in different currencies, setting a product as a donation or using Table Rate pricing which is a conversation for another time but regardless these options are powerful.

Stock Control

Personally I think that WP E-commerce has done a good job at starting down the path of stock control however WP E-commerce is not a full ERP solution and its ability to track stock limits at a glance is not a core strength.  But if you are looking to sell limited quantities of product then this is something that WP E-commerce can help you with.

 Setting Tax at the Product

WP E-commerce gives you the ability to apply tax at the store level and the product level.  It also gives you the ability to make items tax exempt at the product level as you can see in the following screenshot.

Naturally I could talk about the standard features available with any ecommerce systems out there but for the purposes of discussing products I wanted to showcase the fact that a lot of features and functionality that are available at a store level can be applied to products individually in WP E-commerce.

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