How to Setup Shipping Options Using ECWID

It’s been a while since I wrote about this plugin but ECWID (Ecommerce Widgets) is a solid plugin if you are looking to add the ability to process ecommerce transactions on your website. When you setup shipping in ECWID you can obviously choose the option to use a third-party shipping rate estimate tool from FedEx, UPS and others but what if you want to setup shipping as a flat rate for a specific area, free shipping or one of the other various methods of calculating shipping (weight, number of items, etc.) Today I am going to show you in a few easy steps just how possible it is to setup shipping in ECWID for your ecommerce website.

Setting up User Defined Shipping Methods in ECWID

Being able to setup your own methods through the ECWID user interface versus coding them makes ECWID a really attractive ecommerce solution and gives you a number of ways to charge for specific zones (a.k.a. regions) around the world based on setting shipping on weight, percentage of the order, per item shipped, or a dollar amount per order. You also have the ability to use multiples of those criteria to charge for shipping. Have a look below and see what I am talking about…

There is also an option to setup postal codes (If you live in Canada and other countries that use postal codes) or zip codes so that when you enter them into your ECWID ecommerce site you can do more detailed shipping estimates. As you can see in the following screenshot you can enter postal/zip codes in the “Zones” section of the administration section of ECWID…

What you’ll notice once you’ve got this setup in the backend of ECWID by going to your ecommerce website built using ECWID and entering the checkout process you have the ability to then estimate shipping costs using these methods that you’ve built as you can see below…

With user defined shipping methods you can setup shipping for your customer in a number of ways and depending on your business and what you are selling online these shipping methods can suite most of your business needs if you are working with the ECWID shopping cart on your WordPress website.

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