How to Setup Timeline on your Facebook Profile

Most of the people in the free world use Facebook today. It’s great to connect with friends and aqcuintances, like a whole bunch of things, look at what your friends like and now you can go back in time using Timeline. Some people out there have taken the leap and are using Timeline on Facebook.  The real question when it comes to using Timeline is to whether or not to activate it on your Facebook profile.  With certain new sources in the media and web hinting that Timeline will soon be mandatory pretty soon it may not matter whether or not you want Timeline.  For the purposes of this article I wanted to talk about some of the potiential issues that this change may cause you and some of the features that Timeline boasts to those who choose to use it.


Once you upgrade you can’t go back – I don’t know why software companies do this but once you enable a feature, you might check it out, decide that you don’t like it and want to turn it off.  Once you get Timeline on facebook you are given 7 days to make changes to your profile page before they become live to everyone else including setting up the feel and feel of your Facebook profile and the security that you want to have on your profile.  The thing is once you make the change its not possible to go back to the old profile view of your Facebook profile page which is definitely off putting to say the least.  Just remember this when you are clicking the “Get Timeline” green button on Facebook.

Soon Facebook will make changing to Timeline the “defacto” standard for all users but for the time being its your choice as to use it or not use it.

Nice to knows

  • Preview Your Timeline – One of the best things that you can do in my opinion is to preview timeline before adding it to your Facebook profile for the simple reason of having time to play with your Facebook profile before the changes are visible to everyone.
  • Create a Cover for your Facebook Page – When you add Timeline to your Facebook account you are given the ability to add a cover to your Facebook profile page.  Its definitely a neat option to customize the look of your Facebook page making it instantly unique and memorable for your friends, colleagues and other people that know you or happen by your site.
  • Highlight your Stories and Photos – If you are a traditional Facebook user this might not even appeal to you.  Now on the other hand if you love new technology and a new way of representing yourself on Facebook.   Its a really interesting concept because it allows you to customize a lot of how people experience your Facebook profile.

How Can I Setup Facebook Timeline?

The first thing you want to do in order use Facebook Timeline is to simply click the “Get Timeline” button on the Facebook Timeline page.  Once you do this you can go to your Facebook profile and see what it looks like and what you will also see are options to now setup the “Cover”, privacy settings on pretty much everything from pictures to likes and things about you.  By default it seems to be set to display to friends.

When you are finished making changes to your Facebook Profile now using Timeline simply click on the “Publish Now” button and your Facebook Profile will now be using Timeline.

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