How to Setup WP E-commerce for Affiliate Marketing

Most of the ecommerce platforms out there aren’t built for people to build a catalog for affiliate marketing on specific products or cross selling opportunities for other websites that partner with you.  I wanted to give you a tip today that allows you to use WP E-commerce for affiliate marketing using their “Off Site Product Link” functionality.

Step 1: Once you’ve installed WP E-commerce into your website go to one of the products in your WP E-commerce store or a new product and look for the following section on the page…

Step 2: Enter your affiliate link and the text for this link and save it.  Doing this will override the “Buy It Now” and “Add to Cart” links pointing them to the external website.

If you do affiliate marketing and you are interested in marketing products individually either as a part of your website or you want to create a catalog of products to endorse on your website that point to someone else’s website they this is a great way to do this easily.

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