How to Stop Answering Email and Be More Productive

I don’t know about you but in my opinion there is no bigger waste of time then email.  I probably check it at least once a day including weekends even though my wife would rather that I never check it again.  With that said and all joking aside, email if it isn’t tamed can run your life and in most cases it does.  Its integrated into our work and personal lives, into our smart phones and tablets and it seems like we just cannot escape it regardless of no matter how hard we might try at times.  All of this can lead to higher stress, burn-out on the job and a feeling that we are somehow disconnected.  Its funny how a technology that was created to make our lives easier has made it harder.  Well its time to take back our lives and simplify the process by scheduling times when you check email and time when you don’t check your emails which is easier said then done.

Scheduling Time to Review Email

This is a pretty tough concept to implement but it sounds easy in theory.  The basic idea is that you use an autoresponder or out of office assistant to follow up with people that email you telling them when you will be checking emails and instructions for urgent requests.  Feel free to have a look at this message below…

 You’ve reached the desk of Luc Arnold,

I am currently only checking and responding to e-mail two times during the day at 11 am EST or 4:00 pm EST.

If you require assistance with a truly urgent matter that cannot wait until 11 am EST or 4:00 pm EST please contact me on my cell phone at 999-999-9999.  Otherwise, please send an e-mail and I will return it at the next of those two times I’ve mentioned above.  

Thank you for understanding this move to be more efficient as it only helps me serve you better.


Luc Arnold

How else can people be expected to be more effective in their jobs if they are consistently checking emails?  Think about it, when you are answering email after email do you actually feel like you are really getting work done?  Or do you feel like you are wasting away, chained to your device whether its an iPhone, Laptop or any other device that connects to the internet and allows you to receive email after email?  Don’t answer all at once now.  The important point here is that there is a better way to manage the email that you receive.  Try this tip out if you dare and you just might find yourself more focused, in control and relaxed and checking email less frequently too.


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    It’s soooo hard to ignore the email…..never know when you’re going to get a note saying that there are millions of dollars waiting for you somewhere….or one from a really cool store….or your kids’ school….or….or…or…

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