How to Tether Your iPad to Your iPhone

With the popularity of Apple products these days it’s no wonder that most of us have at least one Apple device or technology in our house. I myself try not to play favorites when it comes to technologies but its hard to dispute the coolness of Apple goods.

Today I wanted to walk you through how to setup your iPhone as a personal hotspot and tether it to your iPad so that you can use your iPhone’s data plan on your iPad.  For your information, “Tethering” also known as “Internet Tethering” allows you to use your smartphone as a WIFI hotspot and connect your tablet to it without needing a data plan for your tablet as well.

By the end of this article your friends will find you cooler or at least more knowledgeable about how to setup your iPhone as a personal hotspot to connect to your iPad.  Let’s get started, shall we…

Setting up your iPhone as a Personal Hotspot

if you’ve got your iPhone in front of you the first thing you want to do is go to the “settings” area.  Once you are there take the following steps to setup your iPhone as a personal hotspot.

Step 1: Once you are in the “Settings” area of your iPhone select the “General” option

Step 2: Next, click on “Cellular

Step 3: Scroll down to “Personal Hotspot” and click on it (You should notice that this option is turned off)

Step 4: Then, turn the option from “off” to “on“.

Step 5: Lastly, now that internet tethering is turned on click the “Wi-Fi Password” and set it to something that is hard for someone to figure out using alphanumeric, upper and lower case characters and wildcard characters to form your password.  Have a look at the screenshot below if you are lost on how to set up your iPhone as a personal hotspot.

Now your iPhone 5 is a personal hotspot, ready for business. Please note that the above directions work on an iPhone 5 with iOS 6 so if your iPhone is slightly older (iPhone 4 or 4S) it might involve some variation on the setup of your personal hotspot.

Setting up your iPad’s Wi-Fi to Connect to Your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot

Now that your iPhone is a personal hotspot you are ready to go and setup your iPad so that you can tether these two devices together and be accessible from anywhere.

Step 1: Go into the “Settings” on your iPad.

Step 2: Click on the “Wi-Fi” option.

Step 3: If your iPhone is setup correctly and within range of your iPad, you’ll notice under the “Choose a Network…” area you’ll see the device name of your iPhone appear.

Step 4: Tap on the name of your device and enter the password you created earlier on your iPhone when you setup your personal hotspot.

For those of you who may still be confused as to what this looks like on the iPad, please see the following screenshot…

Now you can surf the internet wirelessly on your iPad from anywhere without needing a separate data plan for your iPad.  As long as you’ve got your iPhone with you, you’re all set and ready to go!


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