How to Use Conditional Tax Rules in Shopp

As I mentioned in an article that I wrote recently called “5 Things to Consider About Tax on Your Ecommerce Website” where I talked about 5 things you should spend some time thinking about when considering just how and what to setup on your ecommerce website in terms of tax. I’ve also written about the Shopp ecommerce plugin and today I wanted to bring those two topics together, Shopp and Taxes. Now as anyone knows who’s worked at all with the Shopp ecommerce plugin for WordPress its not easy to use at times.

If you click and go to the “Settings” section of the Shopp plugin in your WordPress and go to the taxes area of the plugin you will probably notice that you can set a tax rate for a specific state or province but what you may not know is that you can actually add condition tax rules and logic to your ecommerce website.

Have a look at the screenshot below and what you will notice is that after you add a tax rate to a specific state or province and if you look a little closer then you will also notice the plus sign next to the drop down state and country fields. When you click on it you can use boolean “AND” or “OR” logic to also apply a specific tax rate to a product, products in a specific category, products tagged with a specific tag or customer type.

You can setup multiple tax conditions and create your own tax rule through the plugin’s user interface quickly and easily. If your ecommerce website requires specific tax logic in place then give this a try as it might just help save you time in setting up conditional tax rules.

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