How to Use County Tax in Shopify

Someone recently contacted me after having troubles finding a way to charge taxes in the provinces that they do businesses in.  Naturally, I found the question intriguing enough that I wanted to research it and what I found was interesting  first of all was that there was no app to do this which means that you need to rely on native functionality in Shopify.

Next, I logged into my test site to have a look and what I found was interesting is that Shopify currently has a feature called “County Tax Beta” which you can opt-in or opt-out of depending on if you want to use it.  If you didn’t than you might decide to use regions and set it up that way but what county tax beta gives you is…

County Tax (currently in beta) is a new feature that automatically calculates the state and county sales taxes for a purchase based on the customer’s zip code. If the shop has County Tax enabled (new shops have it enabled by default, and as of April 2012, nearly half of all active shops do), the tax rates defined for the state will be ignored in favor of the tax calculated by County Tax, which is more accurate.


So you might be asking yourself, “that’s great Luc, but what does it look like when this feature is used?”  Let me show you here…

Shopify - County Tax Beta feature

For those of you who want to opt out of using this feature please feel free to look for the following link and simply click it to opt out.

Shopify - county tax beta opt out option

Whatever you might decide to do and even though this is still in beta it is a very useful feature that allows you to quickly setup taxes in Shopify and organize it in a way that makes sense from a country by country perspective.  If you haven’t checked out Shopify as an ecommerce platform feel free to click here and check it out.

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