How to use FBML to customize your Facebook page

More and more businesses are using social media to promote their businesses, reach their customers and enhance their corporate image these days.  Now if you’ve ever looked at a Facebook page for your company and said “this is pretty standard but I want more” than you are the person who should be reading this article.  I am going to show you how you can use FBML (Facebook’s Markup Language” to add custom tabs to your Facebook page so hang on tight because here we go.

FBML or “Facebook Markup Language” is a blend of HTML used specifically on Facebook pages so that you can add custom tabs to your Facebook page and customize them to your needs.  For the purposes of this article we are assuming that you are the administrator of your Facebook page so if you haven’t done so please make yourself the admin of your Facebook page.

Step 1: You need to go to the Static FBML page and click “Add to my page” link.  Click here to view this page!

Step 2: You should notice a pop-up window where you can select the Facebook page you want to add Static FBML to by clicking the “Add to Page” button

Static FBML is now available on your Facebook page.  Now you will probably next want to know just how you can start using FBML on your Facebook page.

Step 3: Next, navigate to your Facebook page and click “Edit Page” and scroll to “apps” and click “Go to App”

Step 4: You will then be confronted with a blank page where you can change the title, add content to your new custom Facebook page using FBML.

It seems that any one that I know whether it’s a company looking to implement a social media strategy on Facebook or anyone that uses Facebook has or uses Facebook pages so this should help you to begin to customize your own Facebook page.

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