How to Use Jetpack Plugin to Publicize Your WordPress Posts

Jetpack for WordPress - Publicize feature

After doing an initial dive into Jetpack, a plugin that allows you to use some of the features available to users on your WordPress hosted site I wanted to spend some time focusing on the Publicize feature that it offers.  What publicize allows you to do is to automatically share your latest WordPress posts across social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

Jetpack for WordPress - Publicize Sharing SettingsAs you can see above here, to share the posts that you publish on your WordPress site across a social media site like Facebook the first thing you need to do is add a connection to the social media network of your choosing.  You’ll notice that you are prompted to go to the Facebook app and follow the prompts and then you will be directed back to your hosted WordPress site.

Jetpack for WordPress - Choosing the Facebook page you want to publish your posts to

When you do, you can select the Facebook page that you want or your own personal profile that you want to publish your WordPress posts to and share them socially in the social media network of your choice.  Once its all setup from their you will see the that the connection has been made to the social media network of your choice.

Jetpack for WordPress - Social connections

Another interesting thing that you will notice is that on your WordPress posts now you will see the option to publicize your posts on social media networks like Facebook.  If you click on the “Edit” link you can actually edit the message that will appear on your social media network profile or page.

Jetpack for WordPress - Publicize on WordPress posts

The publicize function in the Jetpack plugin really allows you to take advantage of pushing your content to social media networks without a lot of coordination on your part so if you are running a WordPress site and you are looking for a way to share your content quickly and easily you’ve got to try this out.

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