How to Use Page Insights on Facebook Pages

For those of you who’ve read my other posts about using Facebook there is a lot that you can do with Facebook these days.  It certainly has changed a lot of the years and lately with the rise of Facebook pages what really interests me is the ability to report on the reach of posts, the “virality” which is basically how viral a post that you made on your Facebook page is and a number of other data sources.  I wanted to take the opportunity to run through how you can find this on your own Facebook pages and help you understand just exactly what the metrics that are displayed mean to help you become even more successful using Facebook pages.

Step 1: The first thing that you need to do to check out your page insights in Facebook is to click on the “Admin Panel” button as seen below.

What you will notice once you click this button is that you are brought to a page that gives you an overall view of your Facebook page covering snapshots of Insights, Notifications, New Likes you’ve received, Messages and Page Tips.  Have a look at what this looks like below and we will drill down into Facebook Page insights next.

Step 2: Click the “See All” link which will allow you to drill into the Facebook page insights section.  Below shows you what the Facebook page insights reporting looks like and there is a lot of information that you can get by looking at these standard reports.

The Facebook page insights reports includes a number of which you can see along the top of the report including the Overview report which shows you 3 key metrics including Posts, Reach and People Talking About This.

The next view that you get with Facebook page insights is the Likes View which you can see above shows a demographic breakdown of the people liking your page and it can show gender and age metrics of people liking your Facebook page, Cities, Countries and Languages that are all related to the people liking your Facebook page.  Outside of that it also shows your Facebook page’s “Like Sources” and whether likes came in from Facebook Like boxes and buttons.

The Reach View in Facebook page insights includes a breakdown of demographic information similar to the Likes Report view but it also includes additional reporting about the types of reach including Paid (for those of you using Facebook Ads), Organic, Viral as well as a metric around the frequency with which people viewed posts on your Facebook page.  Check out the screenshot of this below.

Finally let’s talk about the “Talking About This” View which is probably one of the most interesting report views in the Facebook page insights reporting options because outside of the demographic reporting its also great at showcasing the more viral aspects of using Facebook pages with “Viral Reach” and “Talking About This” reporting as you can see here…

After going through each of these report views in Facebook page insights what I really like is the fact that you can really gather key insights into who is looking at what you post from age and sex to how viral the posts on your Facebook page are which if you use a Facebook page as a part of your business’ marketing strategy become very valuable analytics to gather insights from and really that is the goal of any reporting system.

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