How to Use Shopify Catalog Manager

Shopify Catalog Manager

Shopify is a great ecommerce platform for selling your products online and with more and more apps being made available to Shopify store owners I wanted to take a moment and highlight one in particular called “Shopify Catalog Manager”.

Yesterday I wrote about Shopify’s Catalog app that allows people to purchase from all Shopify stores that are currently live.  But this raises a concern for Shopify store owners “What if I don’t want certain products or collections from my Shopify store to show up to users on the Shopify Catalog app?”  This is the reason why Shopify built its Catalog Manager app to help you manage your Shopify store.

In order to do this you’ll need to know how to install apps into Shopify which I will quickly show you now.

Step 1: Once you are logged into your Shopify store go to Apps | Manage Apps and then select the “Add a New Application” link.  Doing this will take you to Shopify’s App Store.

Installing Shopify Catalog Manager

Step 2: Now that you are on Shopify’s App Store type in the name of the app you want to install into your Shopify store.  In this case we’ll type in “Shopify Catalog Manager”.

Finding the app on Shopify's App Store

Step 3: You’ll now be brought to the App’s listing page and in this case you’ll see the listing for Shopify Catalog Manager.  From here simply click “Install App” which will bring up a pop-up where it will ask for the URL of your Shopify store and once you enter it you’ll have access to the Shopify Catalog Manager App.

Installing Shopify Catalog Manager

Now that you have the Catalog Manager installed you’ll notice that you are brought to a screen that allows you to drill down further on collections on your Shopify store or by product.

Shopify Catalog Manager - Viewing Collections and Products on your Shopify Store and their visibility

For instance, drilling into collections on your Shopify store you can control if the entire collection is or isn’t visible to the Shopify Catalog and you can click on specific collections on your Shopify store to control and restrict the visibility of specific products as you can see below by simply clicking on the product or collection that you want to restrict visibility on.

Shopify Catalog Manager - Control visibility of collections and products to the Shopify Catalog app

I hope you’ve found this useful in managing what appears and doesn’t appear in Shopify’s Catalog app.


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