How to Use The Publicize Feature on Websites

You’ve probably seen the new Publicize feature mentioned a countless number of times in recent weeks on various blogs and websites.  If you haven’t then what I can tell you is that its really quite a great way of posting your WordPress posts and sharing them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn and Messenger Connect.  One thing that i wanted to point out is that this feature is currently only available on hosted websites and NOT in the version of WordPress that you host on your own web servers.  As you why they gave this functionality to sites i’ll never know but I do hope that they add it to the releases shortly so that we can all take advantage of this functionality.

For those of you who have a website and are interested in using this functionality, and why wouldn’t you I just wanted to walk you through where you can find the Publicize feature and how to use it.

Step1: Login to your website

Step 2: Open an existing post or create a new post

Step 3: Look in the “Publish” section and you should see an option called “Publicize” and you are going to click “Edit” next to this option as you can see below.

Step 4: You can see after clicking “Edit” that you can select and unselect which social media sites you want to share your post with.

Step 5: Click on the “Sharing” option under the “Settings” section as seen below

Step 6: Connect to the social media sites that you use and follow their instructions to get you setup so that you can publicize your posts


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