How to use the Repeaters and Repeater Elements in SiteForce

For those of you who’ve never using SalesForce before, chances are you’ve never heard of SiteForce either.  SiteForce is a CMS tool with the power of SalesForce as a CRM behind it.  You may have read the other article that I wrote about Web to Lead forms and with SiteForce a lot more is possible now which is great to see about extending functionality online from SalesForce.

The concept of Repeats and Repeater Elements is new and its simply that you can now pull information from objects (as long as guests have access to view the object in SalesForce) and display them on a SiteForce site.  Today I wanted to walk you through just how easy this is to do on a SiteForce website in 3 easy to follow steps.

Step 1: Click on the “SiteForce” app from the right hand side drop down menu and go to your SiteForce site.  Note: If you don’t have a SiteForce site you will need to set this up first in order to use this functionality in SalesForce.

Step 2: Drag the “Repeater” object into the pane and select the object you want to display information about on the SiteForce website and click “Save

Step 3: Then drag and drop the “Repeater Element” into the pane where you just added the “Repeater” object and select and customize the data that you want to show.

You can also sort, filter and showcase the data you want to display in your SiteForce site which is a useful functionality.  If you happen to be using SalesForce as a CRM system then using SiteForce to run an aspect of your online business can also be beneficial.  Check out SiteForce today.


  1. Nimesh says

    Hey Luc, Was curious to know about how do we add actions on button clicks in Siteforce,
    For ex : after filling up a form, need to save the data to salesforce objects DB
    Unable to get any help online due to lack of materials on Siteforce

    your help will be appreciated

    Thanks, Take care
    Nimesh !!!

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