How to Use The Split Keyboard on the iPad

This is a trick for all those iPad owners who like to type with their thumbs.  The iPad has a ton of features, some of them are covered on Website Experts and others remain to be discovered.  With the new iPad you have the option of a split keyboard which takes the regular keyboard that you need both hands to type to a way of using your two thumbs to type instead.  For those of you who have never seen the split keyboard, here is what it looks like…

… Pretty neat eh?  So now its time for the fun part.  Get and get your iPad.  I’ll wait… Okay now take your two index fingers and put them on the “T” and the “Y” and pull them apart toward the side of your iPad screen and this will split the keyboard on the iPad.  To remove the split keyboard take your two fingers again on the “T” and the “Y” and bring them together on the screen of the iPad.

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