How to Use ZenDesk to Connect With Your Customers

I recently started to look at ZenDesk, a customer service tool that I’ve heard a lot of good things about in the past few months.  One aspect that ZenDesk allows you to setup quite easily is to use social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to capture interactions with your customers and turn them into cases (or tickets as their called in ZenDesk).

Once you register for an account (they offer a free 30 day account) you can start to configure ZenDesk from scratch.  As you can see below when you first sign into your account ZenDesk walks you through the various stages of configuring your account.


Let’s have a look and see just how easy it is to turn tweets into tickets when customers Twitter your business.  ZenDesk lets you do a number of things like enabling Twitter search for Agents, adding links to tickets in your outgoing tweets to customers  and the ability to add twitter accounts and create pre-defined searches.

Adding Twitter to ZenDeskThe other thing that you can do is to add your company’s Facebook page to ZenDesk and monitor it for private messages and wall posts and then turn those interactions into tickets in ZenDesk.  This is another excellent way to capture interactions with your customers in a social media form.

How to Add Facebook Pages to ZenDesk

If you are looking for a customer service tool that will allow you to connect socially with your customers then have a look at ZenDesk today.  These features that we looked at are available on all accounts that you can open with ZenDesk from the free trial to the Enterprise license.

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