I just released my Shopify Made Simple eBook for Free


For those of you running a Shopify Store, considering Shopify for their business or interested in learning more about Shopify I’ve written an eBook that I decided to offer for free.  While Shopify is a pretty intuitive ecommerce platform to use for your business I wrote the book from the perspective of the beginner to intermediate user.  I hope that you find it useful in starting your business using Shopify but if you have any questions, suggestions or things you want to see in future versions please let me know.

To Get A Free Copy of This eBook:  If you want to get a free copy of this eBook than please subscribe to my email list and I will personally send you a copy, free of charge.



About Luc Arnold

I am a Web Consultant and Blogger with over 8 years of experience deploying, customizing and working with various web technologies. I am based out of Canada and have a wife and daughter. I love learning new web technologies and techniques and blogging about it all. I also love a good cup of coffee, hanging out with my wife and daughter, reading the latest tech books and newspapers and listening to music.


  1. Hi Luc
    thanks for sharing your work ,it is not common to see people giving tips and helping others. I just subscribe to your email list .I would like to get a free copy of your ebook Shopify Made Simple . Keep it up.

  2. Thanks Jon for the interest! Just sent you a Free copy of my eBook. Enjoy!

  3. Flora Pondrileie says:

    Setting up shopify and need some help. Your ebook would be most appreciated. I am setting up http://www.kundupngcoffee.com

    Much gratitude.

  4. Hi Flora,

    Please subscribe to our email list and I will send you a copy to your email address. Thanks Flora,


  5. Emanuele says:

    Hi Mate,

    Hope you are well.
    Can you share the shopify guide with me?
    Thanks in advance

  6. Thanks for all the interest in “Shopify Made Simple” so far. I am planning to make this eBook a paid eBook in the near future so if you haven’t gotten a free copy please sign up to my mailing list today. Thanks everyone!

    Luc Arnold

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