Installing a Theme in WordPress without using FTP

The traditional way that most people in install a WordPress theme is usually to upload the theme files to /wp-content/themes/ directory in WordPress using an FTP client.  Now, there is nothing wrong with doing it this way but I want to show you a better and faster way to get your theme into WordPress without a lot of hassle.

Step 1: Download your WordPress theme to your computer

Step 2: Log into your WordPress website

Step 3: Navigate to the Appearance >> Themes on the left side navigation

Step 4: Click on “Install Themes” link

Step 5: Select the “Upload” option and browse for the WordPress Theme that you installed in saved on your computer in Step 1 in a .ZIP file extension (That’s right, no need to extract the files)

This should give you a way to get your next WordPress theme up and running faster than ever without even needing to use your FTP client to get it on your web server.


  1. Santak says

    Hello Luc,
    I tried your way but still it’s asking me for ftp details. i am working on wordpress 3.1.3 and I have deployed it on localhost. I don’t know what to fill in there for ftp address and login details. Please help.

  2. says

    Hi Santak,

    For the purposes of this article I wrote this for people using WordPress on a web hosting service like GoDaddy not neccessarily a localhost setup on your computer but you bring up an interesting error with respect to localhosts and WordPress. Let me send you some resources in an email.

    Talk soon Santak,

    Luc Arnold

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