It’s All About Customer Experience

Does support for a product or service that you bought recently suck? Companies today spend from very little money to millions to insure that the “customer experience” meets the industry standard. You might find yourself in line at a store wondering how much longer it’s going to take to be served, you might have ordered something online to save money only to find that when you get it it’s not exactly as it was advertised and now you’ve got to find a way to talk to someone and in some cases you cannot. You’re not alone.

Recently I’ve had some very positive customer experiences and I wanted to highlight one in particular. I released recently that there was a recall for my first generation iPod nano. I started off thinking skeptically about going through the recall process and if I my iPod would even qualify. To my surprise it did and I was able to get a new iPod Nano (6th Generation). Apple had the tracking in place for the package when I returned it which was great and I received my replacement in under the 6 to 8 weeks that Apple promised. It was great. I wanted to break down why this was successful for me as the customer.

No live person… No problem

I never talked to a single person when I filled out the recall, when I waited for the return envelope or when I received word I was getting the new iPod nano. I did however receive an automated email response which left me feeling like apple cared enough to let me know what was happening to update me. Not enough companies today do this but they should. It would save customers like me from calling into their support organization and let me know that everything is good.

Easy-peezee Website

The recall website was simple and so easy to use my daughter could figure it out. They managed to limit the amount of information down to the key piece of information that they needed which were my country and my serial number for the return. That was it. I wasn’t prompted for my contact information until it was established that I had a case for the recall so I didn’t need to jump through hoops to check and see. I like that!

Sound and Proven Business Process

Their business process for processing this recall was sound. From the communications that were in place to the website that allowed me to check if my iPod nano qualified, they had thought it through which is more then I can say for a lot of companies operating today.

Apple is only one example of companies that do things with their customers in mind and I know that there are more out there. When you get a great customer experience you say “Wow that was great” and when you have a bad customer experience your wallet says it all.

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