LinkedIn Released Some New Mobile Apps

Well, when I woke up this morning and checked out my iPhone I noticed that the Linkedin app had been updated and I thought to myself “No big deal” until I installed the app and thought ” Wow this is so much better than the old LinkedIn app.  Here is a side by side comparison of the old LinkedIn App for mobile devices like the iPhone.

LinkedIn app - Before and After look of the app

What I personally like about this redesign of the LinkedIn app is how they make use of limited screen sizes like an iPhone to pack in the same amount of content but it doesn’t leave you feeling like the text is too small that I can’t read it, it doesn’t look as washed out as the older LinkedIn app does and it feels like a smoother navigation path through LinkedIn.  The one potential drawback that I can see in using the new app is that I am still getting used to where things are in the new app but that hasn’t been a turn off from using it, its just that there is a slight learning curve to finding things that I knew where to find in the old app, like my profile.  Check it out today if you are on LinkedIn.

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