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This is the first article that I’ve written on here.  You can normally find me involved on my other project when I am not developing and maintaining websites for my clients primarily in the Greater Toronto Area.  I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to the blog portion of my web development business and I hope that you use the information found within to help you run your online business presence also known as a website more efficiently and effectively.  I thought I’d start off talking about something that I am personally passion about… web analytics.  Web analytics is the study of how people use websites for a statistic or data standpoint.  I use Google Analytics a lot and even use it on Website Experts to practice what I preach.

I recently sat in on a WebEx run by Dai Pham from the Google Analytics team that had to do with the new features that Google Analytics is rolling out to all its customers.  Now for those of you who’ve maybe never heard of Google Analytics, it’s free software provided and developed by Google Analytics that allows you to track what people are doing on your business’ website for free.  The only cost involved is the learning curve involved in understanding the Google Analytics data that is being collected.  I personally recommend to all clients at Website Experts to use this software so that they can add some numbers to the information that is on their website.  Some do and some don’t but the important bit is to at least look at it first.

You can make notes (Annotations) about changes to your website – In the new version of Google Analytics there is the option to add notes to your website statistics that can shed insights into when traffic increased, decreased or had little to no change when you introduced a change on your website.  The great thing about this is that you can learn, go back in time and see what is successful and what isn’t when you make changes to your website otherwise you are just making changes without knowing what it’s doing to your business’ online presence.  Isn’t that a smart idea?!

The ability to track 20 separate goals on your website – Originally Google Analytics only offered the ability to track a maximum of 4 goals and that was it.  I personally like to track a lot of different things going on when a website is operational from the contact page to how people are using the information given and that isn’t always possible with just 4 goals so this is a welcome improvement to track what is happening on your website.

Now there are more features that the ones that I mentioned here but if you’ve ever wondered “Hey, what’s happening on my website?” then Google Analytics might just be able to help you out with this information.  Have fun analyzing your business’ website stats for free!

Luc Arnold

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