The one page checkout process explored!

If you are looking to develop an ecommerce website or your company already runs one in place then considering a one page checkout process over a multi-page checkout process may be a way to cut down the number of clicks and increase the amount of conversions your ecommerce website has.

Some ecommerce website owners prefer a longer checkout process while others prefer a quick one page checkout.  To some degree, it is sometimes more of a personal preference especially when the choice is not based on statistics to back up the decision.  With that being said, it’s important to remember that running an ecommerce website means that you need to think about your customers and how they are going to use the website, how do you want them to checkout and how do you want to allow them to perform this process.

Advantages of the one page checkout

The “all-in-one” solution – Just as it sounds a one page checkout is just that.  It allows you to checkout in one page (well technically 2 pages because once you’ve submitted sometimes a “thank you” page is generated but you get the point).  This is the selling point behind a one page checkout and it’s a great solution.

Sometimes the number of clicks a user must make to become a customer of yours causes them to drop off more than simply having the checkout process in one step however this isn’t always the case.  In the case of multi page checkouts, one common way to analyze the problem of people dropping off can be done using “sales funnel visualization” which can tell you a lot about where people are dropping off, where they entered the sales funnel and point you to possible reasons why they left without checking out of your ecommerce site.

Disadvantages of the one page checkout

The big guys don’t use it - Many fortune 500 online retailers don’t use the one page checkout process on their website.  People seem to follow businesses that are successful so just because the one step checkout option is available people may choose to follow the success of online retailers over trying something different.

There is no winning formula – When it comes to the checkout process on your ecommerce website there is no winning formula other then the formula that works for you.  Some ecommerce websites do better with a 3 step checkout and others perform better with just a single step checkout process.  In order to find what works best for your ecommerce website you need to plan, test, review and analyze the results and then do it all over again with a new test case.  The thing of it is that eventually you are going to find what works best for you.

If you are looking at your ecommerce website thinking “where do I start?” just remember to test and you may find that a one page checkout works just fine for you and if it doesn’t at least you know and in the meantime keep testing until you find your “checkout process mojo!”.

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