One Week of Living With My New iPad

To say that I was skeptically about iPad in general is an understatement. After my first week using the new iPad I must say that it’s been a really positive experience. Apps, accessories and style aside the new iPad is a very useful tool for anyone looking to embrace being truly mobile and living a mobile lifestyle.  This is what technology should do by and large, I am referring to “freeing us from the desk” and Apple does a good job of this with its products especially the iPad.  It’s not a “laptop killer” just yet however the case could be made that laptops and desktops (for those of you who still own one) are on their way out.  After seeing the new iPad I believe this is true.

Ranting and product praise aside, I wanted to share my experiences with you about the new iPad (iPad 3) and give you my unbiased opinion.

Gotcha’s of the New iPad

One beef that I do have with the iPad is the lack of a case to protect it.  Now I know that Apple has never shipped a case with its iPad products to the best of my knowledge but honestly.  If you pick up an iPad its usually 9 times out of 10 the first thing that you are going to buy for it is a case or a protector or both and spend upwards of $40 to $100 dollars on.

Do It In An App

If you’ve never used an Apple product like an iPad, iPod and others then the concept of an app might still be something new to you.  Not to worry though because it’s really easy to add an app to your iPad and easy to update them to keep them current.  The beauty of the app besides those points mentioned above is that there is such a wide variety of them and most are relatively cheap to buy for your iPad.

Laptop vs. the New iPad

During the first week of using the iPad I must say that I didn’t turn my laptop on that much.  There really are quite a lot of things that you can accomplish on the iPad including the ability to check email including from a windows (exchange) client, checking out Facebook, reading eBooks, listening to music, surfing the web and pretty much anything that is offered in an app for the iPad.  The only thing that I am still tackling to is the fact that the keyboard takes some getting used to (I am still getting used to it actually) and that writing isn’t as simple as using a keyboard on my laptop.

Another thing that I loved is that I don’t need to spend precious minutes starting my iPad to check emails or to go online.  Just power it up and you are ready to go which is something that I cannot say for my laptop.

5 Free iPad Apps that you need when you first use your new iPad

Personally when I started to use my iPad for the first time there were 5 apps that I really needed to install and so will you to make your iPad usage much easier, more fun and

Facebook - Chances are you want to keep track of your conversations on you iPad and the Facebook app coupled when your Facebook account gives you the ability to do that quickly.

Calculator - Oddly enough there is no native calculator functionality on the new iPad so adding a Calculator app to your iPad is a must if you are using it for business to do quick calculations.

Instagram - Personally since I downloaded Instagram add I must admit that crafting photos I’ve taken with the new iPad has been fun and useful.  It’s definitely worth playing around with.

Your bank’s app - I normally log into my bank account on my laptop but I wanted a way to access my bank account without opening the web browser.  Glad there is an app for that.  Chances are your bank has created an app for you to add to your iPad so search it out and add it today.

Angry Birds - Angry Birds is a guilty pleasure of mine so having it on my iPad makes it the perfect time waster and best of all its fun and addictive and free to add to your iPad

If you choose to pick up an iPad you really can’t go wrong even if you aren’t an Apple fan boy or girl.  I can personally say that having an iPad makes you feel like you’ve got an HD powered Swiss army knife that simplifies a lot of what most people use technology for today.


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    I appreciate what you say about the iPad helping you to live a mobile lifestyle. Just be very sure you don’t use it while you’re driving!

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