OneStepCheckOut Releases New Version and Lots of Features

Within the last week the team at OneStepCheckout has released version 4 of its flagship product which minimizes the checkout process and increases the conversion rate on your Magento Ecommerce website.  Some of the newest features include…

  • Order preview before confirmation
  • Redirect to checkout automatically after adding product to cart
  • Separate housenumber from street address
  • Improved serial validation
  • Much easier to customize and extend
  • Most of backend code refactored for improved maintainability
  • Support coupon codes that affect payment methods
  • Support for built-in “Terms and conditions” feature in Magento
  • Improved GeoIP support, now detects “City”
3 Top Features Released in Version 4 of OneStepCheckout
  1. Order preview before confirmation - This is a feature the OSC team received a lot of requests for. In both the dutch and german market, there are trust programs that require ecommerce shops to let the customer get a final review of their details before the order is placed. It works like this; once all details have been filled out, and the customer clicks “Place order”, a popup / overlay will display and show all the entered details – and let the user get one last look before finally clicking “Place order” again and sending the order.
  2. Redirect to checkout automatically after adding product to cart - A lot of Magento stores are focused on just one single product – for them it is often unecessary to let the customer even go to the “Cart” page, to check quantities and such. As the OSC team has received a lot of requests for it, it is now possible with just one setting change in administration to let the customer be redirected directly to the checkout after adding the product to the cart (customer clicks “Add to cart” from product page, next they see is OneStepCheckout).
  3. Improved GeoIP support, now detects “City” as well - Using GeoIP to automatically detect and fill out the customers country and city will definitely help you to get more completed transactions. Using GeoIP technology to auto-detect country/city is a very popular feature, and OSC is happy to announce that it now has become even better. This feature have always been included in our Enterprise edition, but the OSC team is now offering this module under Standard and Professional license for €30.

Aside from the above mentioned new and improved features and functionality the team has also cleaned up a lot of the old code that runs during the checkout process.  With that being said, the continued development of the OneStepCheckout product makes it a strong choice among people running and using Magento for their business that are looking for a solid choice to reduce the checkout process and increase conversions.  Click here to have a look at OneStepCheckout!

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