Product Review: Design Palette Pro Plugin

Design Palette Pro-01Design Palette Pro for Genesis is a Premium WordPress Plugin that you can buy for use with StudioPress’ Genesis framework and some StudioPress Child themes.  This plugin really allows you a point and click interface to customize your own CSS without ever having to learn an once of code.  You can even do some advanced level modification of alignment, sizes, weights, colors, fonts and more.

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of using this product on your site and how you can customize.

The ability to control padding in CSS – Padding is one of those things in CSS that takes a certain amount of finess to get just right.  Its tough to code it by hand and  takes a while to get the hang of.  Using Design Palette Pro the effort to adjust padding is greatly reduced to shifting a slider and viewing it in the preview window.  This functionality is really well thought out and as you can see below you are always aware of the padding you are adjusting whether its on the top, bottom, left or right.

Design Palette Pro-02

The ability to control fonts – Fonts play a huge role in how your website is displayed, designed, read and constructed.  The team behind Design Palette Pro must know this because they added a lot of control over fonts from the header to the footer section and everything in between.  There are a number of fonts available in the plugin and the great thing is that you can control the font size, font weight, text appearance, text alignment and font style.

Design Palette Pro-03

Preview your site on various screen sizes – Being able to see how your website renders on various devices is almost standard these days with more and more of your audience moving to mobile devices.  As you can see you have the options of selecting how your site renders on a smartphone interface, a tablet sized interface as well as a normal screen sized interface.  Being able to see this in real-time as you are customizing your website could save you from some costly mistakes and hours or redevelopment.

Design Palette Pro-04

Freeform CSS – This is for the developers out there that are using this tool that still need more ability to customize the CSS elements on their site.  You can customize and preview CSS either on a global level which applies CSS changes and additions you make site-wide or for mobile, tablet, or desktop CSS which makes this a powerful feature for those of you developers out their looking to work a little extra CSS magic.

Design Palette Pro-05

There are many things that make this plugin a great tool if this is your first site or your 50th site this will greatly cut down on design and development time.  The cost is a little high but if you are looking for this functionality in a free plugin it will be hard to find let alone compare.  Design Palette Pro is a very useful, intuitive plugin that is well worth the money especially if you are looking to avoid coding and want to customize your site to the maximum amount.

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