Product Review: MotoCMS

MotoCMS is an interesting product in that it’s a flash based content management system in a time of HTML5 and CSS3.  If you are looking for a CMS system that is going to give you the ability to develop flash websites with greater ease and more functionality then this is an interesting tool to use to run your flash website.  I personally don’t use flash to date on any of my websites but Flash does still serve a purpose for a lot of multimedia sites out there.

I had a chance to ask Demetrio Fortman, the CEO of the company about the impact that this has had on their CMS and this is what she had to say.  She said “flash will have its niche for a long time for sure.  It doesn’t have worthy rivals in such directions as video production, interactive effects and many rich internet application solutions. Up to this time, we see that many Javascript and HTML5 applications are still unsolved to compete with Flash. You see, we are not against HTML5 and other IT innovations. The question is what’s better for the users. If the customers need the product’s versions for IPad, IPhone, for example, we will generate them, and maybe start working with HTML5. It depends on how matters will stand in IT sphere. We are flexible, you see, and are able to adapt to changes.”

On my first dive into this CMS product I’ve got to say that I wasn’t sure what I could expect.  This is coming from someone who’s favourite CMS is not flash-based so naturally I was sceptical.


When you first sign up for an account you need to select a template.  There is really no way around this step.  Naturally once you have this in place you can completely customize the template as much as you want. There is a lot of control over adding flash elements, different types of media even down to font control.

The Fonts Manager itself gives you the option to upload your own fonts from your computer to your MotoCMS site and then from there you can apply them.  This is great for designers looking for a simple way to get their typographic design work into MotoCMS.

Media Library

One of the most useful areas of MotoCMS is the control that you have over media on a MotoCMS website.  The heart of MotoCMS is the ability to use Flash, Sound, Video and other forms of media in their website’s architecture seamlessly.  There is also a way to embed YouTube videos into as well.  The maximum file size on media that you upload to your website is 2MB.

SEO Settings


As with evaluating any content management system the question always comes up about search engine optimization.  MotoCMS does offer some options to control SEO on the page itself and site wide.  There are the normal SEO settings available in MotoCMS including the following…

  • Do not index and do not follow checkboxes (by default these are unchecked meaning that the pages you create are indexed to search engines and the link relationships are followed by search engines)
  • Page Keywords
  • Page Description

Some of the site-wide SEO options include the ability to generate a sitemap and integrate with Google Webmaster Tools.  Outside of that, you can also integrate your MotoCMS with Google Analytics by adding the tracking code generated in Google Analytics to the site.

Backups and Updates

One thing that is great to see in a CMS product by default is to be able to backup and update your website without any technical “knowhow” or additional setup and MotoCMS does give you the ability to do this.

Overall Thoughts about MotoCMS

My overall opinion about MotoCMS is that it’s a great option for people if they are looking for a content management system that is going to allow them to do the following…

  • Run a “Media Heavy” website without a lot of setup
  • Having a Flash based site that is easy to administer, make changes to and updates easily
  • Designers looking for a CMS that can accommodate your needs as designers while providing their clients a way for updating a flash-based website.

There aren’t many Flash-based CMS products available today to help you run your website and in a niche market like this MotoCMS stands out as an option for anyone looking for a killer flash-based CMS solution.



  1. says

    Moto CMS – Looks great. As for any sort of support… Dont count on it. We have been trying to contact customer support for some additional changes which we are very willing to pay for with no avail. It has been MONTHS and MONTHS of us sending them emails and requests only to be met with empty promises.

    I cant even begin to tell you how disappointing the experience has been. I will go as far as saying the company and its management is an absolute joke.

    I highly recommend against the service. Dont waste your time and money.

  2. says

    Thanks for posting about this Amir. Reviewing it from an application standpoint which is important to note but I am glad that you brought up the support aspect of it. Thanks for the feedback Amir,


  3. Long says

    Same experience with amir. Waste of money, time, and efforts over the course of 3-4 months of back and forth troubleshooting. The Editing software and layout got bugs everywhere. Highly NOT recommend.

  4. says

    I have had good support for fixing my template when it stops working. However, it stops working SO frequently that I am about to ditch it. Installation is a nightmare!! Integration with a server that doesn’t have Zend installed is a bigger nightmare. The support team has been fast to fix things but, as I said, fixing has been too necessary a component. It’s a great template though when it’s working: updating is easy, SEO is fantastic. Photos load very slowly. Overall, I don’t recommend.

  5. says

    Hey Luc,

    enjoyed the review and thought it was well presented. Is there a HTML5/CSS3 CMS out there….do you think there is a market for that kind of CMS…



  6. says

    This could be a wonderful product but the installation and support is a nightmare. You can only contact them by email and the response time is 24 to 48 hours to slow. When they fixed one problem another problem arose and when I was told that problem was fixed the other problem came back. Support never checked the sight to see if it was working correctly.

    I lost a client because they could never get the template to work from the day it was installed. All I was getting was excuses from the manager who stepped in after 2 months of dealing with the same issues. This support team is the worst in my 25 years in the IT field. They keep changing tickets so it appears is if the problem is fixed when in fact they are so overwhelmed that they can’t keep up and the manager stated and I quote “Our product – is a really complicated software”.

    If you’re in tech support and you make this statement you should find another job. I can post all of the nonsense emails I’ve received over the last 2 months but there isn’t enough space.

    “The worst support ever”

  7. SergeM says

    From my own experience, I can say that the support is responsive and usually solves issues rather quickly. I developed 7 websites with Moto CMS for my clients and never had complaints to the developers or support. The guys are always polite and know what they are talking about. You know, I doubt that by “complicated” they meant the software itself:) The support team needs time to detect the issue, and that seems not too easy.

    Overall, this software is cool. Especially after the version 1.8 with mobile editor release. Thank you MotoCMS guys!

  8. says

    i bought the template for a soon to be launched comedy project i’m doing.
    setting up the template had a few glitches for someone who is mildly green to ‘under the hood’ website design, which is the small price to pay for saving so much on a pretty nice site.

    there are some easy to understand video tutorials as well as a knowledge base that pretty much covers everything else.

    i did have a technical challenge or two.

    but not too long after i sent through the request for help i was almost immediately assigned someone. and they went out of their way to respond and help do a couple of other things they thought i’d benefit from.

    it’s rare to get such on hands and quick support from something that doesn’t cost a mint.

    matt hoyle

  9. says

    On behalf of Customer Relations Manager I can mention that our support team is very responsible and knowledgeable. Response time in our ticket system is less then 24 hours and we do notify our customers if it takes more time to find good solution. In some situations we are not able to help our customers when talking about their server configuration (there some things that only hosting provider can do as they do not grant access to their configuration files).

    In addition I want to answer Marco’s question. We do offer HTML CMS templates now.

    Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions, I can guarantee you, that they will taken care of. My e-mail address is

    Thank you for your interest in our product.

  10. says

    Hey Roy,

    Thanks for posting this feedback. I think a lot of people who’ve had issues with MotoCMS will appreciate your help. Guys, who else is having issues that Roy might be able to address here?

    Luc Arnold

  11. Brandon says

    I’ve had issues with the website loading pages while a user is on the site. It keeps loading until it times out. I can’t seem to get someone from their support team to understand what the problem is and fix it.

    I emailed Roy and really hope he can help.

  12. MD says

    Website froze, or took forever to load so frequently and persistently, content did not display properly in preview site mode, preview site mode was different from what actually appeared when viewing site outside control panel, control panel froze, loading time to access control panel froze, claims ownership rights in user content , CMS guide was unhelpful, survey locked you out whenever you had critical feedback, widgets purchased were missing, “customer tickets” were closed without resolving customer claims, customer service rep disparages customers integrity when concerns are raised…need we go on and on. Send us your complaints with all specific details, dates, times and how your issue was handled and be sure to let other consumers know about your experience with Moto CMS.

  13. JeromeH says

    I am currently in development phase with “MotoCMS HTML5″ and the support is really very good. “MotoCMS HTML5″ is really very easy to use

  14. says

    Dear MD (Maurice R. Dyson),

    Please contact me directly if you think you received poor customer service from our support team. The template you have been working with does not have any lag, I checked it myself. You may send me detailed description of the issues you experienced and we will check it again for you. I am not sure what widgets were missing as we installed eCommerce widgets for you on your request in less than 24 business hours.

    Once again, working together we can solve any issue that appears with your site.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Roy Patton

  15. AT says

    I’m very satisfied about the former comments, in the meantime I thought I lost my way, and You are talking about a different company and product.

    I have only positive emotions about Moto CMS, and mostly about the customer service’s kindness (a special thanks goes for to Dennis!) .

    THE ONLY thing I can find interesting was about the above comments, that the site differs from the look in the preview mode. I found this, when I DENIED to use the “flash scroll bar”, as in this case my template also had problems, but after the use of the “flash scroll bar” all the differences disappeared.

    About the speed and others, I don’t understand the opinions, that it’s slow. MotoCMS has a very fast internet connection, but IMHO, we are talking about web servers. I have no problem to run my site even from a far less speedy internet access.

    I think, Moto CMS is not invented for the real-real-real HighEnd software programmers, but for as lamas, as myself. I’ve never programmed a website, however in JUST DAYS I was able to create my own website as I wished. IMHO without Moto CMS it could take months a lot more money, if I had to explain my thoughts for a programmer.

    I had the right to check as many templates as I wanted. I could choose the look, I could set up the entire site just like a professional web designer.

    I’m also surprised about the comments for the customer service: How many sites You know, who REALLY answers in 24/7 for a promised 24 hours answer?

    Oh, yeah, there are some companies, however they will charge You more in the monthly fee, as Moto CMS charges for an entire life licence WITH(!) the complete editing system.

    I think, the price/value relationship is more then fair, mostly if it connected to a real free of charge customer service.

    Oh yes. The template is NOT perfect, I found two very minor things in it, however, as these problems are not affecting the site’s working, I don’t care. And mostly: I KNEW IT, WHEN I PURCHASED THE TEMPLATE. Mostly, I invented the entire site in the demo mode, so I don’t really understand, why somebody purchases a template which is not working? Check it, use it, pay for it. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. Where is the problem with this system?

    There is no pig in a poke, You can buy what You want, but if You buy what You want, then I can’t construe the comments about “not that was what I wanted”.

    I’m very surprised that I found Moto CMS.

  16. says

    Im a serious customer have 6 templates installed with Moto Cms and everytime that i needed help i got it! Sometimes you have to be patience and try to explain clearly your issue to the support team! Always open a ticket for your problems! Keep in mind that the support will only help you with real problems! For developers issues go the forum!

    Check out my works:

    Fabiano Biazetto
    Designers Lab

  17. says


    I am French and I would like to share my total satisfaction of the amazing support CMS Guide team !

    They were really fast, and effective teacher to help me with a query that was beyond me.

    Really a big thank you to you and especially to Bruce Miller, my main contact.

    Good luck to you.


  18. says

    Hi there. You know, I’ve been working in the web-site & internet business for a while.
    We have our web-site that works pretty fine.
    But my friend told me ’bout the Flash CMS. I was very interested in it since my friend described it and I’ve registrated a trial version of one of the templates.
    I was impressed by it’s simplicity of data management. It’s fast and works fine.
    But there’s one minus in this system – it doesn’t supports databases. I know that at this time databases is a huge web-site’s system feature and was very disappointed because of it’s lack of. But I hope that Moto developers are looking forward to add this feature! :)
    Anyway this system is damn perfect for a big circle of internet business people who wants to create an adorable web-site without a great deal of time and efforts.

    To sum up I’d like to recommend this CMS to many people.

  19. says

    Made my transition from crap website to super awesome website almost too easy… answered all my questions quickly and made my experience great! thanks motoCMS!!

  20. says

    Amazing. First time I found MOTOCMS I thought that a flash cms could not really work and now I bought the third template and if someone is asking about the best cms I always say MOTOCMS. The templates are great and the support is awesome.

    Thanks a lot from Tyrol Austria

    Rene Massier

  21. George House says

    CMS support (Thank you Dennis & the team) was excellent in their response time and I am very pleased with the product and the customer service! Keep up the great work!

  22. Lisa G says

    I have been a long time customer of Moto CMS, used the Flash and the HTML. I have NEVER had a problem with customer service. In fact I have wanted to send TIPS to them for their above and beyond knowledge and great service! And I’ve had a few panicky situations. They are all so kind and beyond helpful. I know there is nothing they can’t fix. I will always do business with them and will recommend them 100% to anyone else!

  23. Kimberly says

    I love my template /webpage but what is more important, is I LOVE the support team (Bruce is AMAZING)! They are simply fantastic! The response time is fast and they actually deliver resolutions! They know a lot more than I do and calm my nerves when I run into an issue. Having their support is invaluable!

    Thank you!!

  24. Ron says

    Moto Cms rocks! They always come through for me. I highly recommend this product to any web person out there!

  25. claudio says

    Thank you very much Moto CMS team and especially the assistant Dennis McMurphy for the professionalism and courtesy and speed especially in assistance, really happy to be your customer.

    Best Regards
    Claudio Di Battista

  26. footstock says

    I am not a web designer capable of writing a lot of code, but I have created a few websites including being a purchaser of Moto CMS. So I am not qualified to refute what these professionals have said here,, but I can speak to the MotoCMS experience as a content creator.

    I just purchased my 2nd template from Moto CMS. The first was a flash-based template, and the 2nd is an html template. I chose html this time because I was looking for faster load times.

    The first website turned out amazing; it has 99 pages indexed, and the SEO feature produced great results. WIthin two weeks, I was coming up #7 in the world for “Skin disease directory”, and within 30 days was on the first page of virtually every category in my surrounding area. In terms of development, the Moto CMS template allowed me to simply worry about writing content and not programming. Everyone who saw the website commented that it was one of the nicer websites that they had seen. I am a consultant, so this was important feedback on the success of the Moto CMS system for me.

    The second site is currently under development as an html website. I am achieving the same success in creating this website as I did for the first one.

    The only problem I have had is in setup due to using PHP 5.3 which I now understand and it’s not an issue for me. Their templates are built to work out of the box using PHP 5.2 and a properly written php5.ini file. If you want to run PHP 5.3 (which is the default at then you need to request separate files from Moto CMS and upload them to your server after the initial install. Alternatively, you can downgrade to PHP 5.2 on your server and it will run correctly.

    They have a really good trial program (30 days) and you can request an extension if you need more time to build it out to your liking. I did this with both of my website purchases. Before I bought the flash site, I pretty much developed it 100% in trial mode before deciding to purchase it. There are only a few things that you can’t do (like backup and change some timing of elements) in trial mode, but If you are considering buying one I highly recommend creating nearly all of the site in trial mode first to see if it will do the things you want to do. You can preview your creation online in real mode to see it work. Although they don’t really show it on their site or advertise to it, they do sell html sites too at and they are about $100 cheaper than their flash counterparts.

    The support is what it is: email based support. It usually takes 24-48 hours to get a reply, but sometimes it is really fast. In fact, last night I sent in a request to have my demo site migrated to my live site and it was done within thirty minutes by Matthew Brown. By the way, I have had a lot of interaction with their support team (ranging from excellent to doofus level) and Matthew Brown is the best they IMO. I have also had some interaction with Roy Patton (the customer service manager) who posted above and he is outstanding as well.

    I consider myself an above average content creator, and my understanding of building a site with depth and breadth to improve search engine positioning has helped considerably. I personally recommend Moto CMS for people like me that are not professional coders, but know how to create site structure and write content.

  27. says

    I have two Moto CMS websites and initially was very satisfied.
    Now, to the contrary of what promised on their website, it turned out that their HTML5 website templates are NOT functioning smoothly with the iPhone 6, Ipad Air, and are NOT functioning with ALL WINDOWS mobile devices.
    The problem with Apple products is that if the internet connection is not close to perfect, the website will show as a blank page, rather than a loading bar (this happened even at the Apple store during one test).
    The problem with Windows mobile devices is that their scroll bar (or “Rich Content” widget) does not work at all.
    This is very disappointing, and after more than one month discussing with their “Support”, the problem was totally ducked and the answer that I received is “we are not officially supported by Windows tablets”.
    I would assume that Windows tablets and cell phones (and I am talking about the latest ones for sale at their stores…like the Surface Pro 3) fit within the category of “all the mobile devices you may think of” which is stated on their website, when listing the devices compatible with their system. It turned that for Moto CMS it is not the case. This is FALSE ADVERTISING, so make sure that you test your demo website with ALL the physical devices out there – not the on line simulators, which turned to be quite unreliable .
    To save this huge headache, I would suggest to just look elsewhere.

  28. says

    Hey Paolo,

    I just want to leave couple notes regarding your post. This is true, when new device comes out, it might happen that newly installed software on that deivce might display the template incorrectly. Our team works day and night every day to optimise our code to make it work with all the devices, but you need to understand that some issues take a lot of time to be resolved, moreover with such a complicated CMS enigine like MotoCMS.

    You can change couple lines in your code to optimize your site and make it work with new device, but when talking about CMS, sometimes you need to change the whole logic of certain things, to make a tiny change that will be visible for user.

    Anyway, we always work on our product improvement and you are the ones, who helps us with the feedback. Thank you for that.

    Best regards,
    Roy Patton

  29. Sean Kenney says

    I too have had some of the same issues with MotoCMS. Simple things like selecting text and the text editor box not displaying for some reason. Losing Header/Footer backgrounds when making other changes. It is full with glitches and have stopped me from working on my site. I’ve tried Windows/OSX and different browsers Chrome, IE, Safari. It’s been 6 weeks and they have not been able to resolve these problems. I’m going to ask Monstertemplate for a refund and take my business elsewhere. It’s such a shame MotoCMS has not been able to fix these software issues.

  30. says

    Hello Sean,

    I want to apologize for the inconveniences with the template you have. As you used temporary URL instead of your domain name, it was required to update Website URL field in MotoCMS Admin Panel to make the system work properly.

    I am really happy that right now the issues are resolved and you enjoy working with your future website using MotoCMS. Thank you for choosing us.

    Best regards,
    Roy Patton

  31. Sean Kenney says

    Thanks Roy. If you keep clearing browsing data eventually the interface buttons will respond. It can be frustrating but it’s not a deal breaker. I’m hoping future updates will take care of these glitches. I appreciate MotoCMS patiently helping me through these problems.

  32. Haley says

    Sean I am having the same issues as you. I am currently in my trial period but I physically can not add any elements to the page. Nothing lights up or lets me drag and drop into the content area. I have tried to explain this to support but no one acts like they know what I am talking about. I have tried using Firefox, IE and Chrome. I really want this to workout so I can purchase the template I am working with, but so far I can’t get anything done except editing the areas that already exist in the template. Can someone help me? I have tried clearing browser history and cache but nothing is working. HELPPPP

  33. says


    Please e-mail me directly at with the link to your Demo account or e-mail address that was used for Demo registration. I will check what can cause the issue with your Demo template, Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Roy Patton

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