Product Review: PageLines DMS

Pagelines DMSPagelines recently released a tool that they affectionately call “DMS” and after a little digging I first of all figured out what DMS stands for which is “Drag and Drop Management System”.  Where this is useful is for customers and companies that need a professional looking site without a line of code to implement it.  Pagelines has been around for a while now but their latest DMS offering has only been around officially less than a month now.  Once you’ve downloaded the DMS plugin from PageLines and installed it the next thing to do is checkout how it’s changed what you can do on your site.

A few things that you should know about PageLines DMS are…

  1. Its not a CMS, its a DMS - This is where some confusion might exist for those of you looking at it because at first glance that is what it seems like but really PageLines DMS is really a way to have drag and drop functionality to your website for easier editing without coding.
  2. Its only compatible with WordPress – It runs on WordPress sites only. So if you are running another site like Drupal, Expression Engine and others you won’t be able to take advantage of this functionality
  3. No coding required but it never hurts to know HTML – Like with all things DMS stresses “No coding required”.  Personally you can get around a lot of things without knowing how to code but if you are looking to develop a much more advanced site than knowing how to code will only help you when it comes to using DMS.

Know that you know a little more about some of the key things that PageLines DMS delivers lets have a look as some of the things that make it worth adding to your site.

  • It is a true Drag and Drop Design Management System – The team at PageLines claim that DMS is next evolutionary step in website administration and editing and I have to agree for a few reasons.
  1. One, you really don’t need to learn to code your website unless you are trying to do something more advanced.
  2. Two, The look and feel of the interface is very different from WYSIWYG editors.  Its more intuitive for those of us non-coder types and allows you to get your website up and running in no time at all.
  • It allows you to edit design elements live on your website – This is a great advancement because in the past you’d have to make a change, preview and repeat until it looked the way you wanted it to but with DMS its all on the same screen.
  • Drag and Drop Placement – This really goes without saying but the fact that you can move elements of your website around without editing CSS and HTML is really cool.  I don’t expect many people to notice this as a big thing if you’ve never had to code a site but this is a huge time saver.

If you choose to add PageLines DMS to your site there are a few thoughts I’d like to leave you with about this and they are…

  • DMS doesn’t replace the need for a theme – You are still going to need some sort of theme to represent the initial style so whether you buy a premium theme or download a free one you should be aware of this
  • DMS isn’t going to save you from having to code custom functionality – While DMS can help you do the lion’s share of tasks and editing on your site it doesn’t allow for more advanced development without code so if you are looking for something that allows you to take care of advanced programming this is not the tool for you.
  • DMS isn’t for all platforms – Currently DMS only works for WordPress and I haven’t heard of plans to extend it to other platforms yet.

Pagelines DMS, I believe is the next evolutionary step is web design and development with its key success around not needing to code your website on a majority of additions and edits you might be performing.  For those of you who want a website without the hassle of coding you need to check out Pagelines DMS today.

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