Product Review: ShopLocket

ShopLocket is a different model of ecommerce solution.  The focus of this platform is that it gives entrepreneurs the ability to life using flexible pre-order solutions, a shopping cart and customer management tools.  With all that said its an interesting type of ecommerce system and one that might not be for everyone.  When I first logged into ShopLocket I was immediately interested by layout and user interface of this solution.


As you can see above, its a really simple interface to navigate and use.  This is a great solution if you are trying to launch an ecommerce solution quickly and easily.

So what can you do with Shoplocket?

  • Create products really easily on the fly and setup a pre-order option if you are in the process of launching a product (definitely a different approach than most ecommerce solutions out there)
  • Offers not only the option to sell physical products but also digital ones as well
  • Previews for the checkout page and product page
  • You can collect credit card information during the pre-order process and charge when you product launches
  • You can add product options for various styles, sizes and other variations of your product
  • Run limited time offers for your product
  • Customize your product page and checkout without any coding

If you are an entrepreneur launching a product you can really get your idea setup and ready to sell online in more time at all.  I realize this solution is not a “one size fits all” type of solution and it really does appeal to people looking to get their ideas off the ground quickly.  Check it out today at 

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