Product Review: Store Grader for Shopify

The team at Shopify continues to develop tools, apps and a ecommerce platform that are fun and easy to use when setting up your own ecommerce operation.  Recently they released a tool called “Store Grader”  to help you further improve your Shopify store for search engines to find you, usability for your customers, your content and performance of your Shopify store.  What this tool looks at specifically is your store’s

  • SEO
  • Usability
  • Performance
  • Content and Social Marketing

And from there it establishes a grade for these areas of interest for your site.  I wanted to test this out with an actually Shopify store so for the purposes of this product review we are going to use Mindzai Toys because I want to be as impartial as possible in reviewing this tool and also I am not affiliated with them in any way but they do sell cool designer toys, just in case you wanted to know.


So as you can see, once we enter in the URL for the Shopify store we want to grade we can start to access how our site is performing based on a scorecard model as seen above.  The scorecard checks 17 points of comparison currently and assesses your Shopify store based on a number of characteristics.

Now, what I like about this is that it is checking a number of characteristics of high performing sites and ensuring that you’re Shopify site meets these successfully and from there you can drill into a specific area of your Shopify site’s grade by clicking on the score you want to take a closer look at.  In this case, I want to focus on the technical score because I can see it has a lower score than the other areas.  When I click on this I am bring to something that looks like this…


I was dreading the thought of getting to this section and not having any follow up items for me to do or next steps to take but the store grader tool has told me that there is an issue with some HTML errors its found on my site and given me more information on how to fix them by pushing me to the HTML validator tool from W3C.  This is definitely a big help to the average Shopify store owner because it diagnoses and proposes a fix to the issue.

If you have a Shopify store currently than check out the Store Grader tool here and sign up to my mailing list for a free copy of my eBook called “Shopify Made Simple”.  If you are developing or are planning to develop a Shopify store than this free eBook is a must have!

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