Scheduling Posts to Social Media Networks Using HootSuite

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard
This is a social media marketing tool that I just had to review because it sounded interesting.  With social media marketing taking a bigger part of marketing initiatives in all types of businesses these days, any tool that promises a straight forward way to manage all your social media networks at a glance and gives you the tools to measure them leaves me thinking “I just need to check it out and see if the rumors are true”.

 My first glance at HootSuite

Having a look at any piece of software today usually leaves me thinking “That’s it” but that wasn’t the case looking at HootSuite.  First of all, its free to try which I like.  There is nothing worse then a wanting to try something that promises to be great but asks that you part with a credit card charge.

The interface is easy enough to use and within a few minutes you should be flying, adding Facebook profiles and pages, LinkedIn accounts and twitter profiles like no one’s business.  There are some really interesting features including the fact that you can schedule communications to go out to your social media profiles on a specific date and time, you can also integrate with Google Analytics and Facebook Insights for analytics data collection all in one place.

Now, that we’ve talked about a few of the features and a little about what HootSuite can do I think its time to get into some of the features of this product to understand them better and learn how you can use them for your business.

Scheduling Posts on Social Media Networks

Scheduling posts on social media networks is not something that you can’t do with any social media network like LinkedIn or Facebook today.  This is definitely a feature that a small business owner or social media marketing professional could use to setup posts for the week or month and manage their online marketing with respect to social media.  As you can see below there is what the scheduling feature in HootSuite looks and feels like…

After you’ve created your scheduled post now you’ve got to find it which can seem a little daunting but if you go to the left side menu and hover over the “Publisher” section this is where you will find your scheduled posts just like I’ve shown you below…

Lastly, you should see the scheduled post appear on your choosen social media outlet of choice.  In my case, I tested using my Facebook page and the scheduled post appears just as advertised as you can see in the follow screenshot.

This might just be one of the biggest selling features of using HootSuite and you can even schedule in bulk.  There are a number of other features that HootSuite offers including Report Builder, Assignments, Team Members and more so check out HootSuite and I hope you enjoyed learning more about scheduling your posts to social media sites using HootSuite.

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