How to Setup Templates in Joomla Using the Template Manager

For those brave souls that decide to work with Joomla I want to cover what may seem like a basic topic until you are first confronted with trying to install a template into Joomla and all the choices available to someone doing this.  Joomla is the “real deal” in terms of a true CMS because of the amount of control you can setup in terms of permission based sharing with different roles.  Getting back to the core of what this article is about we are going to discuss how to do a number of things including…

  • Installing a template in Joomla! for the first time
  • Making a template a default template in Joomla!

Installing a Template for the First Time

After you’ve picked out a great template or developed one the next thing you are going to want to do is install it for the first time.  The easily way that you can go about doing this is to import it into Joomla by taking the following steps..

Step 1: Log into your Joomla Website as the administrator

Step 2: Hover over the top menu navigation titled “Extensions” and select the “Extension Manager” option by clicking on it

Step 3: Use the “Upload Package File” option and browse your local computer to find your Joomla template (you don’t even need to unpack or “unzip” the contents) and click the “Upload and Install” button.

Step 4: From here hover over “Extensions” again and go to the “Template Manager” and under the “Templates” options you will see your Template

The template won’t be active on your Joomla website just yet but you should see it in the “Template Manager” at this point.  For that we are going to need to make your Joomla! Template a default template.

Making your Joomla! Template the Default Template

Now that you’ve got your Joomla! template installed we are going to need to make it the default template that Joomla! should be using in order to see it on the front-end.  Let’s go through some steps to do just that…

Step 1: Hover over “Extensions” again and select the “Template Manager

Step 2: Go to the “Styles” section in the Template Manager

Step 3: Check the checkbox next to the template you want to use and click the “Make Default” option

Select the template that you want to make default in Joomla’s Template manager
Use the “Make Default” button in the Template Manager in Joomla!

Step 4: Go to your website and you should see that the template has been applied.

With that your Joomla! template is now live on your website and you should be ready to go with a new default template.

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