So You’re Looking To ReDesign Your Website

If you’ve run your business for sometime chances are you might already have a website.  And chances are if you have a website, you are probably looking to redesign it.  Redesigning websites make a lot of sense because as your business changes and grows it may not be aligned with where you are today.  Recently I was discussing a website with a client and he mentioned that the website we built a few years back felt “out of touch”, “dated” and he needed a little more “Pizzaz!” then the current design has.  Now truth be told he liked the design a few years ago but over time tastes changed as he saw what his partners and competition were doing.

No Design Is Forever – No design is timeless, no design is forever.  Just look at the housing industry.  There are always people willing to by a fixer upper and make it their own and this is no different.  Websites become dated, links break, pages become irrelevant and graphics and logos change as well.

Content Content Content – When you think about redesigning a website you are probably going to look at the content on your website (and if you aren’t you probably should).  One of the biggest hold ups in designing a website is the content and for good reason.  Content is the life blood of a website.

Do Your Homework – When you are talking about how you see your website redesign have examples of the website you like and why you like them.  The hardest thing to nail down sometimes is what you like.  Also note your pet peeves with the current site so that when you approach a web designer you can hand them a list of fixes or updates that they can get started on.

Considering different software – When you are redesigning your website, it makes sense to review your businesses needs in terms of software needed or website features needed to run your business online successfully.  Does your current website CMS or ecommerce system offer what you need to remain successful or competitive?  Is it robust enough to support your growing business and what does it take in terms of time to migrate, what “gotchas” might you face if you move and what will it cost you?

When you go about redesigning a website there is a lot to consider but in realizing you need to redesign your website you’re about to take the first step to improving your business.  If I had one last tip it would be to stick hiring a professional web designer, web developer or web consultant that you feel comfortable with and can help you make decisions about your business online.



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