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StudioPress is one of my favorite affiliate marketing partners to deal with.  For those of you that have never heard of StudioPress before they are a WordPress Theme development company, they’ve developed their own framework called  “Genesis” and they were recently acquired by CopyBlogger.  Some of the things that they offer affiliate that choose to partner with them are…

  • Regular Monthly Newsletters - Sounds great eh?  The truth is that these newsletter pack in a great amount of information about what is happening at StudioPress including recent theme releases, what themes were the best selling themes in the past month and the occasional affiliate tips to help you sell more.
  • Decent Sized Payouts - The average payout on a sale is 35% which is fairly high.
  • Products Regularly Updated and Strong Community Following - In the world of theme development, if you aren’t updating your themes then you will soon find yourself out of business.  StudioPress has managed to stay on top of this which is part of the reason why they’ve been so successful promoting their products.
From the Customer’s Perspective: As a customer of StudioPress I can also attest that they provide great customer service, something that is rare in the theme development community.  Case in point is an email that I received after requesting an update for a 2.0 version from their customer support team.  This is the email I received…

So when I looked it up…you’d spent enough at the time of your last purchase to be upgraded to Pro Plus :-) I went ahead and did that for you – so now you can get any theme at any time! You may need to clear your cache/cookies to see the new forum areas.

Pro Plus members can download the latest version of all child themes here

Copyblogger Media Support

What this told me as a long time customer and as an affiliate is that StudioPress and its parent company has a solid focus on making customers happy.  As an affiliate this should also translate to increased sales because…

Great Products + Solid Customer Support = Happy Customer

StudioPress is one of my top affiliate picks and you might find it worth it to check them out of you are looking for an affiliate marketing program that is well managed and pays well.

Become a StudioPress Affiliate and Make Money!

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