22 Tools Shopify developed to help you run your business

Shopify Tools

As I've written before, Shopify continues to keep their merchants and customers in mind while giving you the tools to start and run an online business, e-commerce shop or extend functionality on your existing business or website.  Did you know that they have a suite of tools to help you run your online business?  Well if you didn't let's walk through some of the tools they … [Read more...]

How to sell on Facebook using Shopify

Sell on FB using Shopify 02

Shopify has been doing a lot of work to advance how people can sell using their platform.  The concept that they recently introduced is called "Sales Channels" that allows you to sell various ways in Shopify. The concept of a sales channel isn't new but its a refreshing take on how Shopify is setup to help you sell your goods and services through various channels, Facebook … [Read more...]

Shopify Launches Shopify Lite

Shopify embed code

Shopify recently rebranded a number of their services and interestingly enough they introduced Shopify Lite, a $9 a month service that allows you to access the Shopify platform and integrate it with your business.  The most interesting thing is that this integrates with Facebook, with your existing website to add buy buttons and it also allows you to sell in person through your … [Read more...]

How to Create a Contact Page in Shopify

Shopify Contact Page

Shopify allows you to do a lot of things but sometimes its the simple things that are not clear. I wanted to show you one of those things today. Creating a contact form should be and Shopify does allow this functionality right out of the box. I am here to show you how to go about adding the default contact form to your Shopify store. When you log into your Shopify store go to … [Read more...]

Check out Timber – Shopify’s Theme Framework


Shopify has just done something that makes it easier for most of us out there looking to run and customize our own themes for Shopify.  They release a framework called "Timber".  The Timber front-end (theme) framework is perfect for the following reasons... It's built for all devices It's documented It's customizable Now Shopify does a pretty great job of being … [Read more...]