App Review: Fraud Filter for Shopify

Fraud Filter App 01

  I was recently reading an article on risk analysis that had a lot of great points on how to track suspicious orders received in Shopify.  In that article it mentioned an app called "Fraud Filter" that was created by Shopify.  The purpose behind the app is to allow you to develop filters to monitor for fraud or cancel orders when a specific set of conditions are met … [Read more...]

How to Enable Responsive Checkout in Shopify

Responsive Checkout - Shopify

This article was originally published on, a sister-site of  Feel free to stop by and check out our articles about how to setup, use and customize Shopify. It was recently released by Shopify that they had just rolled out their responsive checkout.  So first what is it? What is a responsive checkout and why should you care?  Well, its … [Read more...]

What you need to know about the #AmazonCart Twitter Hashtag

As a regular shopper on Amazon I can tell you that the new #AmazonCart is an interesting addition to selling online.  What the #AmazonCart hashtag allows you to do is add products to your cart in Amazon which you can later choose to buy.  This adds an interesting new disruption to selling socially.  No longer is social selling restricted to a Facebook page or simply sharing a … [Read more...]

ECWID launches version 2.4 of its WordPress Plugin

ECWID launched the latest version 2.4 of its WordPress plugin last week to rave reviews so far with over 170,000 downloads as of April 7th.  ECWID also known as "ecommerce widgets" is a platform that is highly customizable and easily integrated with a large number of content management systems today like WordPress and others to name a few.  Some of the big updates to come out … [Read more...]

Product Review: ShopLocket


ShopLocket is a different model of ecommerce solution.  The focus of this platform is that it gives entrepreneurs the ability to life using flexible pre-order solutions, a shopping cart and customer management tools.  With all that said its an interesting type of ecommerce system and one that might not be for everyone.  When I first logged into ShopLocket I was immediately … [Read more...]