How to sell on Facebook using Shopify

Sell on FB using Shopify 02

Shopify has been doing a lot of work to advance how people can sell using their platform.  The concept that they recently introduced is called "Sales Channels" that allows you to sell various ways in Shopify. The concept of a sales channel isn't new but its a refreshing take on how Shopify is setup to help you sell your goods and services through various channels, Facebook … [Read more...]

How to Restrict Access to Events You Create on Facebook

How to setup Facebook event privacy

When you create an event on Facebook whether its for a friend's birthday party, your house party or any other type of party its important not only to get the information you are posting correct but also controlling who can see it.  Otherwise, you could run the rise of inviting people you didn't even anticipate.  Today I am going to show you how to limit access to who can see … [Read more...]

How to Schedule Your Facebook Page Posts

How to schedule your Facebook post in the Pages Manager app

Scheduling your Facebook page posts is one of the really nice developments that Facebook pages have going for them.  Who wants to manage their company's social media profile by having to log into Facebook every time they want to post something on their Facebook page?  Not me!  That would be too painful and unnecessary. I want to show you three ways that you can schedule … [Read more...]

How To Add ECWID to Your Facebook Page

ECWID for Facebook

There is a new way of selling that is gaining a lot of traction these days called "social selling" and with that there are a lot of integrations, add-ons and new pieces of software and apps coming out to meet the demand.  Today I am focusing on ECWID for Facebook, which is an integration point between ECWID eCommerce platform and Facebook that allows you to sell products from … [Read more...]

How to Connect Your Twitter Account to Your Facebook Page

How to integrate Twitter and Facebook pages

For those of you looking to further enhance your social media footprint today's tip is going to help you link your Facebook page to your Twitter account.  Where this becomes useful is for business owners and people who have personal social media profiles and want to create a singular source of information so that if you post on your Twitter profile, your Facebook page is … [Read more...]