How to Poll on WordPress Sites Using Yop Poll


Recently I've been working on a number of eBook products and I've wanted to use some sort of polling to understand pricing.  Now I could just send a simple email about this to folks and ask them but that's a little intrusive and besides I want to poll the average guy or girl coming to the site so that I can get feedback.  This started me on a search for a polling plugin and … [Read more...]

How to Use Jetpack Plugin to Publicize Your WordPress Posts

Jetpack for Wordpress - Publicize feature

After doing an initial dive into Jetpack, a plugin that allows you to use some of the features available to users on your WordPress hosted site I wanted to spend some time focusing on the Publicize feature that it offers.  What publicize allows you to do is to automatically share your latest WordPress posts across social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, … [Read more...]

Why Install Jetpack on Your WordPress Site?

Jetpack plugin

With a slogan like "Supercharge your WordPress site with powerful features only available to users" how can you really go wrong?  That is what the Jetpack plugin is all about and if you've ever seen it before its worth a second glance for no other reason than it's promise. A few things before you can get started with this plugin are the following... You'll … [Read more...]

How to Integrate ZenDesk with WordPress

ZenDesk for WordPress plugin

I've been using WordPress for a long time now and as I've said a few times in the past it’s my favorite blogging platform.  One thing that I really like about WordPress is the extent to which you can integrate WordPress into other systems.  ZenDesk is a customer service tool that is really cool and useful and for the purposes of this article can be integrated with WordPress.  … [Read more...]

Using Product Importer Deluxe to Import Products into WP e-Commerce

Visser Labs

After a number of posts from an article I wrote over a year ago I can see that a lot of people have an interest on importing into WP e-Commerce, an ecommerce plugin for WordPress that has well over 2,000,000 downloads today.  When I originally wrote about importing products into WP-Ecommerce I included a CSV file to help people looking to import into this plugin.  Since then … [Read more...]